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Nephrologists who are looking to own their dialysis home training centers can do so without giving up ownership interest to the larger chain providers.  Our firm specializes in opening these training centers quickly & efficiently.  We will help your program to become both cost efficient and quality driven to meet the needs of your  CKD patients. 

Our consultants have the ability to handle the development process from regulatory filings to certification.  We provide contracts for supply management, contractors for billing services, and the financial accounting tools necessary to manage the home program.

In addition, we have the training programs for the Director of Nursing, marketing tools for promoting the facility and all the necessary forms to operate your facility after opening.

When We are
ready to open your program YOU will be too!

What are some of the factors that drives a successful Home training program:

1.  Physicians are one of the strongest driving forces for any successful home training program.  A physician will increase the referral base when they are happy with the services provided at the facility and when there is open communication between the nursing staff & nephrologists.  When the physician/nephrologist has an ownership interest in the facility the program will succeed.
2.  Patient Care Team Competencies checklists and orientation programs for the personnel.
3.  Facility focus on the patient & personnel education programs.
4.  Quality Assessment Performance Improvement (QAPI) studies that improve patient clinical outcomes.
5.  Management practices that improve operational & financial efficiencies.
6.  Protocal driven patient care.

Whether you are thinking about opening a hemodialysis program or a home training facility our team can help you to succeed.  For more details on the development processes that we can provide please refer to the services tab on this site.

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